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Hi my name is Barbara Hedger, I am a Clairvoyant and I also facilitate Healings and Workshops.

I have grown up in New Zealand and love this country dearly. I have two adult daughters, a great son-in-law, and six grandchildren, all of whom I adore.

On my mum's side of the family we go back six generations to full blooded Maori lineage, from Atihaunui A Paparangi Iwi, connected to Ngati Raukawa and Ngati Toa, and on my Dad's side our lineage is from Denmark.

I come from a family with 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls, and we did and still do all get on really well.
I grew up in Titahi Bay just north of Wellington and spent 48 years living around the area. As a child I saw and communicated with Spirit, and as I grew older I allowed this ability to expand.

The last 19 years I have lived in Ohau, just south of Levin with my husband Harry, and all my animals. We have a small acreage which is home to 1 deer,1 goat,3 dogs,and 2 cats. There is something special about the land where we are and I have a lovely connection to it.

I have always had an enquiring mind and anything with a Spiritual leaning has always fascinated me. Through my life experiences, came a real yearning to know myself deeper on all levels of my being, so I started learning Healing modalities that I felt drawn to.
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  The one thing that I do know is that we never stop learning, and everything that happens in our lives is for a reason, and generally it is in hindsight we see what that reason is.
I believe we are all here to understand ourselves on every level of our Being and to release what no longer serves us. By looking at our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beliefs, we can truly decide what to keep and what to let go in order to become who we truly are.

I have worked with energy for many years, conducting workshops locally, also in Raglan, Ohope and Auckland. I have been trained to the highest levels in many modalities and would be pleased to share my skills through a healing or through one of my training programmes.
If you want to make great spiritual changes in your life, I offer professional assistance with the highest integrity through the healing modalities I have learned over the years.

Whether it is learning an Energy Modality, Meditation or Self Discovery via Workshops, I delight in walking alongside you, empowering and encouraging you to stand in your own essence - your "I AM PRESENCE".

Much love, Barbara