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Reiki 1
Reiki was the first modality and I started as a Reiki 1st Degree in 1995 and in 1997 became a Reiki Master Teacher.
When I experienced my 1st Degree Reiki training I felt like I floated on a cloud for 9 months. It was very gentle and opened me slowly to more of my Spiritual aspects. I knew that one day I would be a Reiki Master. I had a great desire to pass Reiki on to others at this stage and ran healing groups from my home in Whitby so others could partake of this wonderful energy.

Reiki 2
When I had the 2nd Degree attunement, it didn’t feel as “floaty” but it certainly brought up a lot of the issues I had in my life. I found life hard going for about 6 months and as I worked through the issues I gained a lot more clarity into myself. I still had ongoing groups throughout this stage as well.

Reiki 3
This 3rd Degree attunement brought it all together for me. I had to wait 6 weeks between the 3A degree and the 3rd degree which is learning how to teach Reiki.. Patience is not really my biggest virtue and I couldn’t wait to attune people to this energy.
I have never looked back since I done all this.
Reiki has been a pivotal force in my life opening me to newer and newer modalities, but I have never lost site of how Reiki, has, and still does, play a huge part in my life.
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  I felt drawn to Bach Flower Remedies and in 1997 became a practitioner of these. These are really amazing energies to work with. The essences work on the etheric level of our being firstly, to assist the individual to make the changes necessary on the other levels of our being. There were 38 essences that I learnt about which help people to face their fears in a very non invasive gentle manner. The essences are pure energy vibrations, taken from flowers and brought to the world by Dr. Edward Bach. I have done the first two parts of this course and do not feel I will take it any further, as I learnt what I needed to.

I became a practitioner of Isis Seichim in 1997 and a Master Teacher in 1998. WOW sums up this energy. I was involved in a spiritual group in Porirua years ago, and a lady from Australia Inga Crisp was there. She spoke about this energy and asked would we like to try a symbol. We did and it was amazing. The clarity from one symbol did it for me and I booked a session with her the next day. I had energy moving through all parts of my body during this session it was so profound and produced such clarity at the finish, that I went on and learnt Isis Seichim. I believe the energy to be the female counterpart of Reiki, which is male energy, and when you work with them together the results are incredible.

There is another form of Seichim referred to as Sekhem. This entails working with the Golden Light to release all blockages. This is a very powerful modality and I went on to Teacher level. I find I do not use this as much, as I find the Isis to be more gentle.

Magnified Healing 1998
This was my first experience of the Ascended Masters Kwan Yin and St Germaine. These two beings work on the Violet Ray
This healing energy is brought forth and magnified by the God Most High Of The Universe. I learnt to connect with Higher levels of consciousness and how to increase the energy in my hands. This is also a very profound modality and you experience every aspect of it while learning. Buddha was the originator of the Violet Flame and Kwan Yin was the keeper of the Violet Fire before it was passed to Master St Germaine. The Violet Flame is the activity of Divine Love which consumes or transmutes all that is less then perfect.

Magnetic Healing 1998
This form of healing removes all negativity from the blood and the auric field. Using your hands you connect to the Being, who wishes to work through you, to help someone clear their auric field. You learn how to “Feel” the energy being removed and how to do it safely. I found through holding groups in my home and doing this work on a fortnightly basis, I really felt very clear about where I was headed. This is also something you can do for yourself, by working with your etheric body. No magnets are used at all through this process of clearing.

Crystal Workshop 1998
I spent a few days learning about the energy of crystals and the layouts to bring the energy in or to dissipate the energy. I also learnt how to set grids for different reasons, around a house or wherever necessary. I have a strong affinity to crystals and their healing powers, and sometimes use them in a healing session if I feel the need. My first stone was Rose Quartz and the gentleness and love that eminates from this stone is lovely.

I also did the first part of a Shamanic course which was amazing. This was very inspirational and enlightening. I learnt to go into the lower worlds and the upper worlds, in the way that the American Indians do. It is a very special way of connecting as the work is done using the tools of Mother Nature herself. Animals play a big part in this also, as they appear as Totems and by reading about them, you can get to see what attributes they bring to you. I wanted to go further in this work, but it wasn’t to be.

In 2000 I did the first part of Holistic Pulsing, which I haven't taken any further at this stage. I first experienced this when I was doing a course at Whitereia Polytech. One of my tutors gave me a session and it was incredible how from the age of 4yrs I had held a yearning to be a ballet dancer in my feet. One session of Holistic Pulsing released the disappointment I had held of this dream not coming true. I went and participated in the first level of learning and loved it. You use a gentle rocking motion to help the client release stored energies from the body and to bring back body, mind connection.
Again I haven’t taken this any further at this stage who knows what may happen in the future.

I also became a Melchizedek Priest, in April 2000. That was a magnificient part of my Soul journey.
When I was drawn to this avenue, I underwent three training weekends which again where designed to make you look at yourself on all levels. From this I then attended a weekend retreat at Tauhara, in Taupo, with Sylvia Shanti Vowless and 44 other people, where by I went through the initiation process and was again part of the Melchizedek Priesthood. This initiation was very very powerful, and we had a total of 46 people in the room so you can imagine the energy.
I have had no desire to go further with this, as I believe all I needed was to connect back to my Soul group and experience what I did at the time.

In 2005 I became a Theta Practitioner. I met Nancy Cate at Saarsha, a retreat centre in Waikanae, when she came to teach this modality. At first I wasn’t going to do it , because of lack of funds, but I kept feeling really drawn to it. So I used my bill money and became a Theta Practitioner. I am so glad I did. The tools for using the Universal energy are so simple but so incredibly powerful. The sessions that I have experienced, working with clients are sometimes out of this world (so to speak). The healing that happens is also very profound. I also use this energy on myself to clear issues as they arise.

Around the late 1980’s, I read an article about Crystal Singing Bowls and the effects they had. I thought to myself I am going to hear these one day, and a couple of months later there was another article from a lady who lived in Raglan. She had a chakra set of bowls and so 18 months later I got to meet her. I had one sessions with these amazing bowls and fell in love with Sound Healing. I then purchased a chakra set for myself and spent hours playing them and attuning myself to their energy. Over the years I have traveled up the North Island playing at various places to the community. I have since added another 5 bowls to my collection and work with 12 Bowls varying in size from 6" to 16", and play once a month in Palmerston North for who ever wishes to be there. The way I use them is in meditation where by people lay down and soak in the sounds for 1 and ˝ hours. I also use them in my “Journey Through Your Chakra’s” workshop, that I run.
No one can really put into words what they experience, and sometimes they will have profound insights throughout a session.

In 1993 I have produced and sell a Chakra CD using the sounds of the bowls, which works really well, when used as a meditation tool.

From these I have put together a wonderful workshop entitled: A Journey Through Your Chakras, using Sound, Art, Colour, Toning and then questionaires to give you insight to yourself.

Shamanic Healing
I was drawn to a course that was being held in Auckland two years ago.
This was the Shamanic Teachings of the Qero of Peru.
I went every second month for a year, and learnt this wonderful gift.
I am a Mesa Carrier, which is a very special kit that I work with, to produce deeper understanding and healing on many levels, for my clients.

Every time I learn a new modality, I learn something new about myself.

I so love to share my experiences and help others to open more fully with their own experiences.

If you would like to try a session of this amazing work, then please get in touch.

The energy exchange is $60 a session, which can last for 1 - 1 1/2 hours