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As I learn and apply the teachings to my life, I find many changes happen within and around me. Being who I am I also have a desire to pass on what I learn to others, and so I hold workshops to allow other people to reach their full potential.

I love the work I do and have met hundreds of like minded souls and have been fortunate through the workshops to see some of them totally blossom.

I worked at "Saarsha", a Healing centre in Waikanae, for a nine years doing Clairvoyant Readings, Healings and running workshops, and loved it.

I also worked at Amber Glow in Waikanae for a while, and loved it also, but now operate solely from home.

The other thing I have learnt is how people will come into your life and go out of your life as we each progress along our Soul's pathway, and I have learnt to allow this to happen without regret.

If you feel drawn to see what I can offer you then please click on any of the following Modalities and Workshops and see what they are about.

Blessings on your Journey, and may YOU, be kind to YOU. (just in case no one else is)
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