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Isis Testimonials

Wow, having never experienced this modality of healing before I was so impressed. The ability Barbara has to know just what is needed amazes me. She is very confidant and composed and instills a great sense of trust in the process, which she passed on to me. I can only say that I will be back for more, as I feel like I have opened up at long last. Thanks Barb for helping me to understand myself a little bit better - Carol.

For me this is a profound way to heal the past. I was on the table for over an hour, and had an amazing past life experience. All the time Barbara was watching and making sure the process I was going through kept me safe. I would strongly recommend this energy work to anyone looking to move on in their life. The depth of understanding from this one session has helped me enormously. I have since had more sessions, and each time something new is awakened. Thank you with all my heart Barbara - Amy.

If anyone had told me what to expect, I wouldn’t have believed them. This is an energy you have to experience yourself, to understand how deeply, symbols can penetrate into your psyche. All I can say is the energy is beautiful and gentle, but works at very deep levels. Barbara is a great channel for these energies, as she is totally in the moment, when working with you. Go and experience a session with Barbara yourself, highly recommended - Marilyn.
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  It is with great love that I write this message for Barbara, who is a great example of a light worker who also keeps her feet on the ground. The Isis training I received through her has had a profound effect on my life and helped to open my eye's to what is possible. What we are in indescribable and Isis offers a loving alternative way to discovering who we are. Thank you Barbara for being you - Dean.

Being a male, I wasn’t sure about any of this healing stuff. I had my first session of Isis, at the insistence of my partner, and changed my thoughts completely. It is so gentle but so revealing, and I could feel the energy in my body, which was also a first for me. The issues that came up for healing and releasing needed to be gone, and I felt free for the first time in my life. I intend to have more, and would also like to learn this modality from Barbara, so I may be of assistance to others, in the future. Thank you for helping me to change my life - Brandon.

Massage Testimonials

This was my first massage experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Barbara was reassuring and completely aware of how I was feeling and made me feel very safe and secure. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a good relaxing massage - Ian.

I have experienced all kinds of massage before and found Barbara to be very competent. She has experience in other fields of healing and only uses these with the client’s permission. I find her integrity and understanding amazing would recommend her to help anyone who wishes to heal themselves - Joss.

When I had my massage I was sore around my neck and shoulders. Barbara’s expert hands released all the tension and made me feel great. Even though it was my first massage I wouldn’t go to anyone else but Barbara, I completely trust her and feel safe and confident in her ability to assist me and others - Zac.

My daughter has been a massage therapist for many years, and when she moved out of the district I started going to Barbara and have found her to be as good if not better than my own daughter. Her understanding of the client’s needs, are second to none and her ability to communicate at all levels is wonderful. I highly recommend her - Jacqui.

Reiki Testimonials

When I first came to have a session, I had no understanding of what I was in for. Barbara explained her method and told me to have no expectations, as Spirit would work with me for what I needed at the time. All I can say is wow, she was so right. I have since been back for more and each time I am finding that I release more and more of the old that no longer serves me. Thank you, Barbara, for being a part of my experience - Sally.

The thing I like most about Barbara is the way she makes you realize that you are responsible for your own healing. She makes it very clear that she is only the facilitator, and that the individual has to do the work. I just love being in her loving and tender care, and feel great after each session. I would dearly recommend her to anyone - Bill.

I have known Barbara for many years, and we have trained together in some healing modalities. I find her understanding of how energy works for each individual great, and the capacity she has to bring through what is needed at the time is amazing. I just love how she makes you feel so safe and secure, while you are going through your own process. Highly recommend her for teaching and for sessions - Jan.

Barbara has the ability to put you at ease the moment you meet her. Through Reiki sessions, I have found the way to express myself more clearly, and to be more aware of my own needs. I no longer look outside myself for what I need, to be who I am. Thank you, Barbara for your wisdom, and guidance on my journey - Gael.

Theta Testimonials

If someone had told me that I could put my hands on someone else’s and be transported to another time and place I would have told them to get real. But this is what happened the first time I experienced Theta with Barbara. I felt so safe and so loved by this energy. No one can really explain just what happens, but the clarity I felt after and since, has been incredible. Theta is love in action, and Barbara personified both to me. Thank you so much for helping me change, my reality - Kerry.

This is so beautiful you feel as though you are floating. I had so much energy going through my body, and so many changes taking place I just wanted to stay in the energy. Barbara is a wonderful Theta practitioner, she connects in and allows Spirit to guide her, to assist you for what is needed at the time. I have had about 6 sessions with Barbara, and have found her integrity and compassion second to none - Ethan.

This is amazing energy. I felt like the top of my head had been opened wide, and was so filled with light I can’t really do justice to the feeling. Since this session I have found the little things that used to bother me, now mean nothing. I am aware of some of my thinking patterns and how they create imbalance in my body. Thanks Barbara for allowing me to experience this energy and for your unconditional love and support - Sally.