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Expanding The Vision

Stepping Into Cosmic time

Your life as you now know it is a direct result of the pictures you have held in your mind over time. These images speak to every aspect of your being: who you believe you are, what you feel you deserve; what and who you love, and your future possibilities.
We are here to tell you that these images are ready for an update! You are now entering a powerful cosmic time in Earth's future history when it is possible to step far beyond anything you have imagined.
Accessing Moments of ‘Heightened Experience’
Many souls have chosen to incarnate at this time due to the opportunities for heightened experience now unfolding. Many of you have been receiving images of these possibilities in your dreams or during quiet times of reflection and meditation. You may have glimpsed spiritually empowered and emotionally free versions of yourself; you may have received images of creative works unlike anything yet seen on Earth; you may have witnessed creative processes that seem magical in present time. In your dreams, you may have traveled to otherworldly places or witnessed things you have not thought possible.
What you’re experiencing are moments from Earth’s near future energetically reaching back to seed themselves in your present timeframe.
During this time, you may receive visions of the next phase of your journey here. You may be amazed by the dazzling possibilities contained in these visions, but startled by what they require you to leave behind. Understand all is as it should be. This is the course you charted long ago; it is the course that will lead you to completion.
Moving toward Spiritual Mastery
Those who have spent years studying, learning and following spiritual practices know that progress can be incremental and slow. You may have felt frustrated at times. Now you are seeing how your efforts and your faith have brought you to a place where you are ready to step easily and effortlessly into the next phase of your becoming. Your struggle, your past efforts have primed your consciousness, mapped your intentions and created a field of possibilities that allows future probabilities of spiritual mastery. The blessings now flow for those who have persevered on their path with only their trust, inner knowing and the light of their spirit to steer by. After navigating oceans of life experience, many of you are now ready to approach mastery.
The foundation is in place. Your work over time transformed your beliefs and opened your heart and mind to what is now unfolding; that is, the opportunity to step outside physical reality and experience “cosmic time” where you exist as spirit incarnate on Earth. Just a few seconds in cosmic time can entrain the rest of your life to its vibration and essence.

Stepping into Cosmic Time

It is possible within your present moment to step more fully into an expanded vision for your life. Stepping into “cosmic time” allows you to simultaneously witness and experience moments of "future vision" that alter both your DNA and your belief system.

To make the most of the cosmic energies now unfolding:

One) Eat light and eat live foods. This frees your physical energies from the shackles of digestion and allows a freer flow of energy throughout your physical system.

Two) Spend time daily in silence and meditation. Even if you are not a longtime meditator, you can now access greatly enhanced states by entering deep states of relaxation and stilling your mind.

Three) Open up a direct dialogue with your higher self. Daily journaling is an excellent way to open up this dialogue. Write out your questions on one side of the page, then turn over your pen to your higher self. Allow answers to flow onto the page. You can also use a tape recorder for this process.

Four) Be playful. Be creative. One of the most important things you can do during your day is to make time for creative play. Your imagination is your doorway into cosmic time. All images, visions, ideas and inspirations flow through this corridor.

Five) Pay attention to the symbols of your dreams and waking life. Make note of the images that flow into your mind. These images are offering you glimpses of new possibilities now crystallizing in your energy field.

Six) Affirm daily that you are an infinite being. As an infinite being, your birthright is the unlimited magic and abundance of the universe. Open to allow abundance and synchronicities to flow into your life in magical and unexpected ways.

Seven) Release any attachments you may have to your present identity, to others, or to ways of being. Attachments and expectations bind you to old habits and patterns and keep you from experiencing new and expanded ways of being.
Eight) View all images/experiences/visions/desires through the lens of your spiritual purpose. Affirm that whatever benefits you receive you extend to all others through your spiritual purpose.

Nine) Allow greater and greater amounts of joy into your life. Make a list of what brings you joy and constantly look for ways to expand this list.

Ten) Accept and embrace whatever unfolds in your life. When you accept what comes before you, you open to its message and wisdom. By contrast, whenever you resist something, you close yourself to its message. This dooms you to repeat the experience
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