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When a client has a session of Isis Seichim, they can be transported to another place in time, to heal Past Life influences. This modality works on the Power of Symbols, which are either placed over the client manually, or beamed down to them telepathically. Either way these symbols provoke very deep healing.

The only part of the client's body that needs to be touched, is the tops of the feet. This is where the practitioner connects, by holding the top of the feet, and tunes into the client's energy field, and asks permission to work with the client, and then receives the Symbols that are necessary for each session.

About Isis Seichim

There are 15 different Symbols that may be used, either separately, or combined to go deeper into the client's energy field, to release blockages.

I watch and monitor what is going on for them. Because Isis is gentle, I have never found anyone to go into a major healing crisis, but if they did, then I have ways of bringing them back to a safe place. After the session, if the client wishes to talk about what they experienced, then we do so.I would recommend this therapy to anyone looking to heal on a deep level, as the symbols really do their job.
The symbols are listed as follows: -

> Magnifier or Activator
> Enhancer and Intensifier
> Shining Everlasting Flower Of Enlightenment
> The Protector
> Absentee Healing
> Forgiveness and Atonement
> Masculine or Yang
> Feminine or Yin
> Past Life
> Sacred Pyramid
> Chakra Balancer
> Releasal and Replacer
> Past Issues and Abundance
> Consciousness Merger
> Link to Spirit or Grounding

Seichim (saysheem) comes from the word Sekhem (saykime) which translated into English means: "The Power of Powers"

Seichim is ancient and sacred. It is an advanced form of hands on healing, having sounds and symbols, and it is said Seichim is the parent energy of all hands on healings systems. It is believed that Seichim originates from Atlantean times. However, in a more traceable form it can be shown that Seichim was practised by the Mayan civilisation in South America, before being introduced to Egypt. In Egypt it was translated and transcribed from hieroglyphs by the Shin Yon Buddhists, of that time and taken back to India and Japan. There was a renaissance in Southern India with many races sharing wisdom, knowledge and healing practices. Around this time Mongolian hordes descended upon and conquered the area. Many fled and retreated to the mountains of Tibet before moving on to China, India, Japan and other parts of the world including Australia and the Polynesian Islands.

Although ancient in its essence, in modern terms Seichim can be regarded as new and exciting. Seichim is much more that simply a hands on healing technique it is and advanced from of telepathically directed "Healing" and leads to greater unfoldment and understanding of your Spiritual Self. The great spiritual and religious teachers throughout history have spoken about the importance of "Love".

Seichim is Unconditional Love in action