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Theta Healing is unconditional love in action. Wow this energy is magnificient for producing changes in the psyche.

Very non invasive, all you need to do is place your hands on top of mine and then let the journey begin. I connect into your consciousness, ask you for your permission to scan you, and then ask again that I be allowed to remove and replace what ever I am told to.

During this the client relaxes, listens to soft music and allows the changes to take place. Why wait any longer to rid yourself of the messages that were passed down to you, while you were growing up.

This amazingly simple technique, can assist you to release forever the old beliefs that you hold on to. Why not make way for the new you. As an adult you call the shots, and you can re-create you by changing your old, limiting, thought patterns.

This technique can also assist you to remove past life memories, that affect you in this lifetime. Genetic patterning can also be changed.

I have the privilege of working with this amazing energy, to assist you to become all that you desire. By connecting to Source, and having your permission, together we work miracles.