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The main purpose of this modality is to pull negative energy out of the blood and the aura.

The client is fully clothed with only the shoes taken off.
There are a number of techniques used including: Northpole Pull, which clears any blockages down the head and neck.

Clearing the Blood is the next step and this is done only on the front of the body. Once that is finished you then proceed to Clear Negative energy out of the etheric body. Both these techniques are simple hand movements, but very effective.

When that is complete you then smooth down the aura.
Then there is the Crown Span which energizes the full length of the body clearing any blockages. We can then Charge the Heart centre.

The client then turns on to their stomach and we begin clearing the back, using the same methods as the front.
When finished we do a Spinal Charging and finish off the session with a gentle rocking motion to bring mind- body back together.

The client will sometimes feel like a weight has been lifted off them. Very effective and if used on the etheric body, can prevent illness from coming into the physical body.

This form of energy healing was brought to the world by Colin Lambert, a well known New Zealand Healer.

A session of Magnetic healing leaves you feeling light and refreshed.