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Where does one begin to talk about the many benefits of massage. I personally love to give a massage, to be priviledged to connect and nurture someone is a gift. I don't believe one has to feel pain to have gain, as they say.

Massage should be gentle, but firm, allowing the body to heal itself. I work using Tui waxes, and just love watching a client relax into the massage.

If you want to be nurtured and cared for then book in today for a massage.

About Massage

Massage is a term used for the manipulation of soft tissue into a state of relaxation. There are many different disciplines of massage and bodywork including Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Sports massage, Reiki, Polarity therapy, Neuromuscular therapy and much more.
One of the most common disciplines is Swedish massage, which is the disciplines I employ in my practice in addition to Reiki. Swedish massage involves relaxing muscles by rubbing (also known as effleurage) and applying pressure to the muscles against deeper muscles and bones. The movement is done in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.

Massage can increase the circulation of blood and the flow of lymph. The lymph carries waste and impurities away from the tissues but it does not circulate in the manner that blood does. The movement of lymph is largely dependent on the squeezing effect of muscular contraction. The flow of lymph can therefore be hampered in inactive people. However, vigorous physical activity can result in a greatly increased production of waste. Massage can have a role to play in the movement of lymph in either scenario.

Other benefits of massage include: -

> Reductions of emotional and physical stress
> Enhancing general relaxation
> Relieving muscle aches and stiffness
> Balancing the nervous system
> Aiding recovery from soft tissue injuries (e.g. strains and sprains)
> Improving sleep
> Improving tissue elasticity and flexibility
> Speeding recovery from exercise
> Reducing anxiety
> Increasing feelings of well-being
> Relaxing tight muscles
> Improving circulation of blood
> Stimulating the skin