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Journey Through the Chakras Feb 6, 2018
No longer holding these workshops, as I sold my crystal bowls
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Reiki One Attunement Feb 1, 2019
1st Degree Reiki involves an attunement to raise your personal vibration to the vibration of Reiki. You are taught the hand positions for self healing and assisting others, and the history of Reiki. This level is very much for your own self learning.

I teach when you are wanting to learn so don't worry too much about the dates above
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  Reiki Two Attunement Feb 2, 2019  
This attunement moves you into another level of vibration. You will learn three of the four Reiki symbols, and how to use them.
This opens you to new learning and understanding of how Reiki works on deeper levels. Very interesting and inspiring course.

Please don't worry about the above dates I teach when you are ready to learn.
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  Reiki Three A Attunement Feb 3, 2019  
This level is the Master Practitioner level. Here you will be taught the Master Symbol and how to use it. You will gain a deeper insight into the symbols and the energy of Reiki.

I teach these courses when you are ready so don't worry to much about the above dates
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  Reiki Master Teacher Feb 4, 2019  
This is where you take what you have learnt about Reiki, and learn how to attune other people to the energy. This level is done at the Students own pace, learning each level of attunement,one at a time, then practising that level, before they move on to the next level.
I believe in taking as much time as possible for the learning to be made easier.

Please don't worry about the above dates as I teach when you are ready.
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  Inner Sanctum Feb 9, 2019  
Have you ever wanted to meet your guides, know who they are, and why they are with you? Have you ever wanted to meet your Guardian Angel or your Higher Self? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the course for you. Held on a Saturday or Sunday you go on a journey to do just that.

The first level connects you to your Guides, and the second level Guardian Angel, Higher Self and Blueprint, and the third level to past lives. > More
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