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Reiki Healing


If you would like to become Attuned to the Reiki Energy, and learn to use it for yourself and others, then I hold ongoing classes in Kapiti and Ohau, Levin. I teach all levels from Reiki 1 to Reiki Master Teacher.

REIKI 1st Degree

1st Degree Reiki involves 4 attunements, to open the chakras in your Crown, Heart and Hands, to channel the Reiki energy through. You are taught the hand positions for self healing and assisting others, and the history of Reiki. This level is very much for your own self learning.

REIKI 2nd Degree

2nd Degree Reiki involves 3 attunements, to raise your vibration to an even higher level. You are also taught the first three symbols of Reiki. You learn how to draw and use the Symbols for healing. You then become a Reiki Practitioner.
REIKI 3rd Degree

3rd Degree Reiki is divided into two parts. You have 3 attunements and learn about the Master Symbol. This is level 3A.

You can choose to stay at this level and become a Reiki Master Practitioner. If you would like to go further and learn to teach Reiki, then we work at your time and pace, so you feel really comfortable and understand the process involved for attuning other people to the energy.

This is Level 3 or Reiki Master Teacher Level.

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